Camino Levante. To the hometown of Don Quixote’s Dulcinea

Day 11. Mota del Cuervo to El Toboso. Also the route of Don Quixote taking us from Don Quixote’s hometown to his love’s.
El Toboso and the church of San Antonio Abad with Dulicea and Don Quixote
El Tomoso, the hometown of a fair maiden named Dulcinea.
“I have dreamed thee too long, Never seen thee or touched thee. But known thee with all of my heart. Half a prayer, half a song, Thou hast always been with me, Though we have been always apart.
Dulcinea… Dulcinea… I see heaven when I see thee, Dulcinea, And thy name is like a prayer An angel whispers… Dulcinea… Dulcinea!
If I reach out to thee, Do not tremble and shrink From the touch of my hand on thy hair. Let my fingers but see Thou art warm and alive, And no phantom to fade in the air.
Dulcinea… Dulcinea… I have sought thee, sung thee, Dreamed thee, Dulcinea!
Now I’ve found thee, And the world shall know thy glory, Dulcinea… Dulcinea”
By Mitch Leigh
The plains of La Mancha. One starts to understand why Don Quixote went mad.
Don Quixote at our Inn
Despite walking just 12K this seems like the perfect place to take a rest day! Decided to upgrade to an accommodation with AC staying at Hospederia Casa de la Torre which proves to be a wonderful Inn with lots of character and delightful hosts Elizabeth and Raquela of Italy.
A printing of Don Quixote in 67 different languages segmented by chapter.
Opening its pages. A very special book.
On the route of Don Quixote and the Camino Levante.

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