Camino Levante; ‘Winter Returns’ Day 20 Caldosa to Cebreros

We had been surprised at how mild the weather had been so far but when you undertake a Camino in February/March one risks cold wet weather so no complaints here. Ultreia! Onward.
Coming out of Caldosa de los Vidrios

We left the cozy, though a bit chilly parish albergue at 8:30 for another walk in beautiful countryside. Descended to pine forest and then long flat stretch followed by more hills. Despite the weather, seeing the beautiful almond trees as we walked kept our spirits high.

Love the almond trees which are plentiful since  leaving Toledo 5 days past. 
nice early stretch through mountain pine forest
It started raining and we struggled. Fortunately the scenery was grand but after 4 hours we were wet and cold and just wanting a hot shower. Thankfully today was a short 22k and with no albergue we chose the comfortable Hotel El Castrejon in Cebreros. Best of all they had a bathtub. Wonderful on these cold, wet, windy, winter days.
Made a new friend along the path.
Bar Amistad in main plaza had a friendly waiter and they offered up a good meñu del dia.
a few k from Cebreros
Haven’t seen this dish before. Sardines and egg over red peppers in oil. Very nice.

Wonderful hiking country

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