It’s A Long Way From Tipperary to Santiago

A 3,800 Kilometer pilgrimage from my ancestral home in County Clare, Ireland to Santiago de Compostela and Muxia. As part of this journey I walked both Camino Frances and Del Norte.

It’s A Long Way From Tipperary to Santiago- Day 67

Coming into Escource late after 5PM, more tired than normal with the long, stressful 35K day we were welcomed by Christian waiting for us in the front of his house. He sat us down at a small table in the backyard on a warm summer evening and poured some flavored syrup aperitifs, strawberry for me …

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TIPPERARY TO SANTIAGO—DAY 67 Overnighting with a hoard (actually 3 of us) of pilgrims in Mons, Landes, France. Staying at a municipal gite where our host tells us Charlemagne and his nephew, Roland, the hero of the 788 Battle of Roncevalles had an extended stay. We also come to learn the Church of St. Pierre …


The Ugly American

THE UGLY AMERICAN: Day 28-It’s A Long Way from Tipperary to Santiago: Yupha is the Thai owner of the Enchanted Kitchen in Mullinavat, Kilkenny with her Irish husband. i am staying upstairs in their B&B, so they let me have my afternoon tea in the comfortable waiting area of the restaurant 1 hour before it …

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Struggling On The Camino Or In Life:

I read a recent Americans onThe Camino post by Julie Fancher who was struggling emotionally and physically on The Camino which consequently made me think of 4 special Camino buddies who I think of whenever I am finding the going difficult: Dani, a 74 year old French woman that could not weigh more than 70 …

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