Quilotoa Loop Trek-Chugchilan to Quilotoa Crater

We departed the Black Sheep Inn about 8 and descended  a few hundred meters down to the Rio Sigue.
We had two options before reaching the river and took what we thought was the shorter path but found out later we had taken the “extreme” route to Quilotoa. 1,000 meter / 3,300 feet rise to volcanic crater.
The trail back up from the other side of the river was quite steep. But we struggled and eventually made it to the plateau above enjoying spectacular scenery over the river valley.
We continued on up but at more gradual incline to Guayama San Pedro, a small village where we stopped for a break and had some friendly interactions with locals.
The women in this area all wear these stylish hats
Then another tough uphill to the Crater where we were rewarded with a panoramic view of Quilotoa Crater.
We had lunch as we enjoyed the view for a half hour before continuing along the crater ridge trail to Quilotoa town. We were now pretty high at 3,700 meters/12,168 feet.
Taking a break before final push to Crater
Finally arrived in Quilotoa about 2:30. Made our way to Runa Wasi Hotel where we were welcomed by the friendly family owners who set us up in a room and lit the stove where we warmed up by the fire.
Wonderful day albeit a bit tough.

Once reaching the crater ridge we followed the trail to Quilotoa town through the clouds.
Rio Sigue

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1 thought on “Quilotoa Loop Trek-Chugchilan to Quilotoa Crater”

  1. Canteen up with your amazing photos! Even though you say some areas were quite tough, the scenery & views & friendly people! definitely compensated for all the ‘hardship’! What an amazing experience for you guys! Well Done!

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