Coastal Route on Camino Portuguese. Oia to Baiona:

Starting out from Oia it is the coldest morning on the Camino de Santiago since Mika and I started walking February 20. Though the sun is still behind the mountains to the east, and there is a strong wind so it should warm up soon I am thinking as I pull my jacket sleeves over my hands.

After sunset in Oia

Though after seeing other posts and pictures of pilgrims walking in snow 800 kilometers to the east around Roncesvalles, and Pamplona I feel fortunate to be in Galicia.

Oia and Monastery of San Maria

The going is cold for an hour or so and then the sun rises over the mountains providing a ray of hope for warmer temperatures.

Another beautiful sunrise in Galicia

The walk is chilly but pleasant following the coast north to Baiona.

At one point there is some road walking but with the mountains to the east and the sea on our left it is a beautiful walk. And then with the lighthouse in view the path veers east going over a pass through the mountains. I noticed some pilgrims continuing along the road but it is flat. I have had enough of the sea and happy for the terrain change.

Heading over the mountains
Forest walk at the plateau atop the hills

Happily walking through the forest approaching Baiona though and the beginning of an urban stretch all the way to Vigo.

View of the Cíes Islands

There are some beautiful views before Baiona. Walking into Baiona there is a gorgeous harbor filled with boats, a sandy beach and Monterreal Castle which took 4 centuries to build and completed in the 16th century. The first castle was built here by the Romans in the year 60 after Baiona was conquered by Julius Caesar. Below are some photos of the castle and beautiful Baiona:

Baiona beach from castle top
Before the turn into mountains
Interesting fountain coming into Baiona

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