Dingle Way; Day 3 Anascaul to Dingle-25K

Today is the last day of the Kerry Camino. Though I won’t be sailing to La Coruña. Of course, my path is to continue on The Dingle Way.

Early on in Anascaul I chatted briefly with 5 Americans. Then 2 Germans just past Anascaul. Another bright blue sunny day raised my spirits and made for a most enjoyable saunter.

Hooked up with American girl Amy later and walked with her. Then met a Danish girl Amy but walked into Dingle alone. Arriving at St. James Church was wonderful, though the church isn’t much. Disappointed there was no last Kerry Camino stamp available at the church. But I learned there was at Kool Scoops Ice Cream Shop. Funny.

More importantly to see a Shell, the sign of the Camino, is always special especially when it is found unexpectedly.

In St. James Church, St. Brigid’s Cross with a Camino Shell

Stayed at Grapewine Hostel and had nice chat with owner Siobhan who I stayed with here back in 1994. She had some intersting stories about working for Ethel Kennedy (Bobby’s wife) in the 80’s.

Later had a great fish and chips takeout from the Fish Box. Then a walk along the harbor enjoying the late evening sunset before bed.

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