Dingle Way; Side trip to The Great Blasket Island

If you have the time a wonderful side trip on The Dingle Way is to take a boat out to the Blasket Islands. Or specifically Great Blasket Island which is most accessible and actually has a hostel/cafe open during the summer season.

The island has a most interesting history being inhabited by a hardy breed of folk until 1954. Interestingly, there have been several books written by people living on the island. I particularly enjoyed ‘The Islandman’ by Tomas O’Crohan. Most Irish people were forced to read ‘Peig’ by Peig Sayers but their reviews are mixed.

Old Fort Ruins


I read in a guide book about how this is a perfect place to dump your socks and shoes and to spend your time on the island walking in bare feet. I couldn’t agree more. I walked across the top of the island to near the end and back and felt 9 years old. Wonderful experience!

There were the ruins of an old fort at the top of the island and fantastic views back to Dingle. Across Dingle Bay you could see the Skellig Islands. On that beach below there were scores of seals lounging about.

There is a hostel there and a few self catering cottages. I think that would be a wonderful experience.

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