Ever wonder what it would be like to attend a primary/elementary school in Africa:

I did and recently visited one in Uganda.

Traveling through Africa one can’t help noticing how difficult it can be to eke out a living here. But what about the children.

My friend Simon took Mika and I to Tenda Primary School which has an enrollment of 400 kids; attending preschool through 6th grade. To understand how crowded it is and the difficult conditions best to view photos. Class sizes are 25 to 65.

There are a considerable number of orphans so 38 young girls and 22 boys live at the school in horribly crowded dormitories. They have to walk outside about 60-70 steps to an an outdoor shack toilet. These toilets are also for all the students and 15 teachers and other staff. 2 toilets for boys and 3 for the girls. The school also provides breakfast and lunch for the students. Their kitchen is a campfire. Textbooks are a luxury here so the kids have only notepads and pencils while the teachers have only a chalkboard and chalk.

Teaching the kids about HIV is huge as the global epidemic has had the greatest impact on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). An estimated 67% of the 38.4 million people living with HIV globally in 2021 were from SSA. SSA was responsible for 670,000 of the 1.5 million new infections and 280,000 of the 650,000 AIDS-related deaths reported globally in 2021. Girls are twice as likely to get infected.

Tenda is a private school that requires a tuition of 250,000(US$64) to 400,000(US$96) Uganda Shillings depending upon age. The public schools have less teachers and many more students. Some parents can afford to send only one of their kids to school. Many drop out because of lack of funds.

Only 53% of Ugandans complete elementary/primary school.

Meaghan Celia Power is a Canadian woman I met here 7 years ago that is trying to help. She sponsors a local program to empower women by providing single mothers a small plot of land to grow food to help them survive. Now she is expanding this to pay for the kids of this community to attend Tenda School. She is just US$900 short of her goal to send 20 of the kids to school this year. I talked to a group I belong to “Friends of The Camino” and they have agreed to match up to US$500 on top of any donations made by you. The link to donate is below. You can track your donation on the page and I will monitor it and ensure your donation is matched. You will be able to see the matching. Importantly, US$10 = Canadian $7.41 and donations are in Canadian so to make a US$10 donation you should make a $13.50 donation on the GoFundMe Page:
If you have any questions please fire away.

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