Greetings/Update To Subscribers:

Thank you to the 30+ new subscribers this week. And thank you to all followers of this website. I truly hope to see each of you at The Global Pilgrim House in the future. Subscribers are welcome to spend a night or two subject to availability. The place is a bit bare but hope to be adding guidebooks, maps, canvas print photos shortly. In the meantime there is plenty of tea, coffee, wine, and Irish whiskey.

View from our patio

While this blog and website is only 7 months old, I am busy adding content from pilgrimages and travels over the past 8 years. Didn’t want readers to get confused. Currently, am in Muxia, Galicia, Spain. This year I hope to walk the Portuguese Way to Santiago, and finish the Via Francesco Pilgrimage Florence to Assisi. And then return to Nepal in October for a trek to be determined and a visit to Rajahar Naturopathic Hospital for Rejuvenation Treatment.

I will post on those journeys as they occur. However, over the rest of the year I will be adding content as follows:

That said, if anyone sees a subject lacking content anywhere on the website and you have an interest, I am happy to reprioritize. Also, please know I would welcome relevant content from subscribers or others that could enhance the website.

Thank you again for your support and hope to welcome you at the Camino de Santiago 0 Mile Marker in Muxia.

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2 thoughts on “Greetings/Update To Subscribers:”

  1. Congratulations Kevin! So delighted (& jealous!) that you & Mika have decided to ‘settle’ in Muxia … my favourite place on the Camino! & you will ‘welcome/guide/chat’ to any subscribers/visitors passing through Muxia. How lovely! Sounds like it will be a great spot with lots of chat, photos … & ‘Irish whisky’! Not sure if I will get on Camino this year … have our daughter’s wedding (in southern Spain!) & a trip to Italy already planned. But there’s always next year! I wish you both all the best with your new home, venture, & all future expeditions! Sending Warm Irsh Hugs your way! Go neiri an bother leat! (agus libh!) Gabrielle (GG’s Nest) 😇

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.