I Thought I Was Starting In Seville But The Camino Wanted Me To Start In Lesotho, Africa:

As my journey from Nairobi to Johannesburg is ending I found myself thinking about my Camino Via de la Plata which I was planning to start in Sevilla, Spain in 10 days. Then during a visit yesterday to the local witchdoctor in the little village of Matsoaing, Lesotho, I learned there was a Church of St. James (Santiago)12K away and an old winding dirt road through the hills back to Matsoaing. {CAPTION}

So of course after my consultation with the witchdoctor I got a ride to the church and said my daily Camino prayer and then started walking back. {CAPTION}

Such powerful Camino feelings as there were opportunities to be of service and assist some locals with their loads since I was not burdened with a backpack.

A very special 2 days in Lesotho. A mountain kingdom reminiscent of Nepal. The family at our homestay was lovely, Mkune the grandmother and her 25 year old grandson, Enpho. He lost his father at 3 when he was shot by cattle rustlers. His mother was poisoned and killed by a neighbor when he was 6. His grandmother then raised him telling him he was the man of the house as she had only daughters. So sad. But they are both lovely people and I feel blessed to be with them. Sat by the fire with them yesterday in the predawn. {CAPTION}

No electricity in the house but we danced and sang around the fire at night after dinner. Then visited the shepherd school for young boys many of who are orphans. Their classes are at night when shepherd duties are done. {CAPTION}

As I was preparing to leave Matsoaing on a bus back to South Africa I realized I had left my Camino prayer stone back at the witchdoctor’s. So my friend Enpho jumped onto his horse and raced to retrieve it in time for me to catch my ride. {CAPTION}

You never know when or where The Camino is going to touch you.

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