Inspirational Octogenarians on The Camino. TIPPERARY TO SANTIAGO DAY 78

Walking up Alto de Perdon, one of the great view points on Camino Francis I pass this older couple and we chat. Jose Maria and Encarnacion are from Madrid and both 82 years old. This is the 30th Camino for them. Roncesvalles to Santiago each time. 765K (475 miles). They have walked every year for the past 30 years. WOW! {CAPTION}

So I start walking away and turn and ask Jose Maria, “Why?” He replied, “3 reasons. 1. Religious 2. It is how we like to spend our holidays. 3. For our souls.”

Later I learned tomorrow starts a week of forecasted 35/36 degree (95/97 Fahrenheit) temperatures. I started to worry about them but suspect they have been through much worse and will be just fine. {CAPTION}

Ultreia! — in Puente La Reina.

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