IT’S A SMALL WORLD-Uganda to The Camino to Nepal

One of the nicest things about global traveling is chance meetings with the same people in two way different places. Well this time it’s 3 chance meetings across 3 continents; Uganda, Spain, and Nepal:

Annapurna South elevation 7,219 meters

October 2019, walking on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, I saw this Korean woman with 5 or 6 bright colored clothes walk by and without thinking yell out “Hey Rainbow”. She laughs and continues. Over the next few days I see her often and each time say “Hi Rainbow”. Though we never say more than a few words to each other. Then I start thinking I know her from somewhere and the next day it hits me that she may be a woman I met in Jinja, Uganda ( The Source of the Nile) where are paths crossed going in different directions. Not sure though I hoped to meet her again. But did’t see her again for 2 days and then she walked into a quiet bar/albergue where Mika and I were staying. So I asked her and indeed she is the same woman and produces a picture of us from January, 2017. So we took another similar one.

On the right us in Jinja, Uganda 2017 and on the left on The Camino in 2019.

Then today traveling with Mika Yamanoue we run into “Rainbow” once again in Pokhara, Nepal.

Soonja (Rainbow), Mika, and me at Pokhara, Nepal hotel.
Soonja took us to her favorite Korean restaurant in Pokhara

3 meetings across 3 continents. Will not be surprised at the next meeting.😂

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