IT’S A SMALL WORLD-Uganda to The Camino

One of the nicest things about global traveling and The Camino is chance meetings with the same people in two totally different places:


On the Camino Frances about a week or so ago I saw this Korean woman with 5 or 6 bright colored clothes walk by and with out thinking yell out “Hey Rainbow”. She laughs and continues. Over the next few days I see her again and each time say “Hi Rainbow”. Though we never say more than a few words to each other. Then I start thinking I know her from somewhere and the next day it hits me that she may be a woman I met in Jinja, Uganda ( The Source of the Nile) where are paths crossed going in different directions.

Sunset at Jinja, Uganda The Source of The Nile

In Jinja back in 2017 we sat at a picnic table enjoying nice conversation for an hour or so but were both leaving going in different directions.

Enjoying wine with Rainbow and Mika

Not sure though I hoped to meet her again but don’t see her for 2 days and then she walks into a quiet bar/albergue where I was staying. So I ask her and indeed she is the same woman and produces a picture of us from January, 2017. So we take another similar one.

Rainbow and I in 2019 on The Camino on the left and the right is Rainbow and I in Uganda in 2017

And enjoy a wonderful afternoon. A few days later we enjoyed Santiago de Compostela together.

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