Japan 88 Temple Pilgimage. Only 10 Temples To Go:

Returning us to the Pilgrimage, Tomo stopped at Udon factory restaurant for delicious noodles where we were able to participate in the preparation. Great fun.  

Afterwards he dropped us off at Temple 75 and wished us well on our remaining journey. We then walked to 76, Konzoji, about 3k and enjoyed 1100 year old Camphor Tree just past gate.

One of many strange but fun surprises at the temples.

Continuing on a kind older couple stopped us to give us little Jizo Bosatsu statues. How appropriate as Jizo is revered along this pilgrimage as the god of deceased children and many others.

Holding my statue of Jizo while Mika is with the couple offering us these special Osettai gifts.

On to Temple 77 with statue at gate with elevated big toe like mine. Funny this is at the temple with my favorite number as well.

Then a postman came driving up to the temple as we were leaving from getting our Nokyocho stamp.

Walking to 78 we stopped at Mo’s Burgers for 2 delicious burgers. Nice change of pace.

Then walked to Temple 78 and on to our accommodation.

Got stopped by ladies who gave us tea and a little snack cake and little kobo daishi doll for pack.  

Ryokan Miki is old but we have nice room and are only guests tonight. Delicious dinner with chicken and ham and rockfish. 21k ¥5500

15 May Day 33:

We started our day walking to Temple 79 with it dawning on me that we are down to the last 10 Temples. While I am glad to be coming to the end, I am also sad. The way it is with most pilgrimages and anything worth doing in life I suppose.  

This pilgrimage has been particularly special taking us into rural Japan walking in the path of Kukai, connecting with his spirit and the beauty of Osettai.  

After 79, we had a tough uphill to Temple 8. Continuing on sauntering through the hills on a very pleasant 6k to Temple 82 which had interesting extra temples for Chinese birth and sign years.  

Then a tough descent and walk to 80.

Our afternoon walk through the city to Temple 83 was steamy hot.  But seeing a Shinto shrine adjacent to the temple of course lightened my spirit.

Shinto Shrine

We then made the short walk to Onsen Kirara with an outside bath which I shared with the Swiss father and son from a few nights back. And nice burger and chicken dinner at Joyfull. Nice room with foldout bed. 35k ¥4800 for room. ¥3200 for dinner for 2.

Mika is born in the year of the dragon. oh no!
For good luck

One more osettai

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2 thoughts on “Japan 88 Temple Pilgimage. Only 10 Temples To Go:”

  1. How many days total & how much budget should we prepare to do the whole 88 Temples pilgrimage.? We are in our 70s and walking the Camino starting Sept.8,2022 again since we did it in 2015. We want to do the 88 Temples in 2023 .

    1. It starts with purchasing your outfit which can total ¥15,000 or more if you buy everything. Also, the stamp costs add up at ¥300 X 88 temples = ¥26,400. I stayed in minshukus and ryokans (guesthouses) and occasionally a temple or hotel. Average daily cost was ¥7,000 which included 2 fabulous and filling meals. For those on a budget wearing the “uniform” and getting stamps is not required. Some people camp or stay in crude huts or look for people and temples that offer free accommodation to keep costs down. There are also Henro houses that usually offer cheaper, more basic accommodation, typically without food. Your cost will depend on how many days you walk but assuming 23k per day divided by 1200k is 52 days x ¥7,000 = ¥364,000.

      ¥15,000 for outfit
      ¥26,400 for stamps
      ¥364,000 assuming 52 days

      Total for one person= ¥404,500/$3,073/€2,936. I think that is a worst case number as there are some urban parts where you might consider training or bussing through as we did. Also you could save some money at hotels or stay at a few henro houses. Also we had a stay and 2 meals given to us as osettai. One temple only charged me €1,500. And you only need one stampbook.

      Buen Camino!

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.