Japan 88 Temple Pilgrimage. A Hot Soak By The Sea:

Perhaps the best Ryokan on the Pilgrimage, Seapa Makoto had an Onsen (bath) with 4 pools including one outside overlooking the sea and the setting sun, a private large bath in the room with a view of the sea, and delicious food with some western options like Fried Shrimp and Chicken.  

View from outdoor bath at Seapa Makoto Inn

Day 26. We departed at 7AM for the short 1k walk to Temple 47.  

Then 4k to Temple 48. Afterwards we stopped at one of a chain of Coffee Shops, Komea, and had tea and toast with little egg salad. A nice change of pace.  

Then 3k to Temple 49 where I had nice chat with couple out front who had lived in Ohio for a year.  Which was perfect because I had just learned from Mika how to say “good morning” in Japanese, “Ohiyo” making it easy to remember. After we introduced ourselves, I explained they were from the ‘good morning” state of Ohio.  

Mika in the wheat fields

 Shortly after we bumped into and chatted with Andrea from Barcelona who is a ski guy working here in winters and doing the Pilgrimage backwards. It was unusual to run into this many western pilgrims in one day. Then we walked a few k to Temple 51 which had a big Charlie Brown statue high on hill above the temple. One of better temples. The calligrapher gave us lots of good info including proper handing over of the stampbook. The Japanese have detailed rules for all rituals at the Temples.  

From Temple 51, we walked to the train station and took cable car to Matsuyama station where we caught 62 bus to Temple 52 avoiding some urban walking.  Walked up the hill to the Temple and then backtracked to where the bus dropped us and continued on to Temple 53. We then caught a train for 10k to Hojo Seapa Makoto which was one of my favorite Inns on the Pilgrimage.  

Makoto’s Onsen had 4 pools including one outside on a terrace overlooking the sea and sitting outside in the hot soothing waters watching the sun setting over the sea made this one of the top Ryokan’s on the pilgrimage.  

Making this place even better, this was the one Ryokan where we had a large private bath in our room overlooking the sea as well. Wonderful stop.   

Makoto also had great food options with fried chicken and shrimp and tables to sit at.   

Another giant sandal at a temple gate

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