Tipperary to Santiago-Left to Camino Frances or Right to Camino Del Norte? Day 70


Arrived at the fork before 7 enjoying unexpected cloudy skies on a cool morning with a long stretch of 30C+(86F) temperatures forecasted. I had planned all along to veer right to Camino Del Norte because it was one of the Camino’s I had not walked yet. I had walked Camino Frances 2 times already.

This ended up being an easy decision. The practical way was Del Norte but The Camino teaches one to feel with the heart and use intuition and not the brain and ego. {CAPTION}

So I go left to Saint Jean Pied de Port. It can be crowded at times but it is also the most special of all the Caminos. Magical things seem to happen. One meets incredible people with inspiring stories, and kindness and compassion is the norm. Last, this is a very special Camino for me walking from my ancestral homes in Clare, Ireland. And after 2000K am feeling a bit drained and Camino Frances is a very dear friend whom will give me the strength and renew my spirit enabling this peregrino to once more walk into Santiago and finish this pilgrimage in Muxia by early September.

I will just have to return sometime for del Norte.

(Couple of thousand uncaged chickens)

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