Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek: Day 14

Day 14 Samdo to Dharamsala:

Woke at 6 and went outside but restaurant and kitchen were locked. The guy came at 6:30. Had porridge and apple and then left about 8.

Nice uphill but not too steep walk to Dharamsala(4460 meters) arriving at 11. Beautiful views of the valley as we approached the camp before heading over Larkya La Pass.

For the first time since Mu Gompa I am feeling the altitude having to stop a few times to catch my breath.

Blue Sheep of Manaslu

The afternoon is spectacular. Warm and sunny. Had some noodle soup sitting out on padded platforms enjoying the warmth of the sun. Nora and Sam showed up about 1:15 and Sam was showing signs of altitude sickness. Headaches, fatigue, and no appetite.


I walked up the mountain for a half hour to aid in acclimatizing but the sun gave way to thick clouds, snow flurries and a strong wind driving me back to camp.


Had dinner with Swiss couple and Nora while Sam took her soup in bed. Once the sun went down it got very cold. Dinner was a poor dal bhat. Which wasn’t surprising up here. The kitchen was the filthiest I have ever seen in Nepal. The dining room floor was rocks. Much cruder accommodations then Thorong Phedi before going over Thorong La Pass on Annapurna Circuit Trek. The toilets were so bad I turned around and left. A mound of turds sticking out from the hole with more all around. I went to bed at 6:30 as there was nothing else to do in the cold dreary dining room, and we had to get up at 2:30AM for our walk over the Pass to beat the midday cold winds.


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