Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek-Days 10-11

Days 10-11 Bihi Phedi to Namrung to Lho.

Left the spartan Hotel Singla just before 8. Nice walk but I struggled a bit today. Funny how some days you just feel better and stronger than other days. The scenery is beautiful while the temperatures decrease as we continue up the Manaslu Valley.

Had some tea in nice valley in Ghap before arriving in Namrung about 1:30. There is a “luxury” Hotel here called the Nubri Resort but I just didn’t like the vibes as the lunch had a 35% tax and an Austrian dude was bad mouthing America. The Resort is tailored to Tour Groups which I prefer to stay away from. So I walked a bit further to a simple quiet teahouse. Had a nice chat with the owner.

Day 11: Namrung to Lho

Had a delicious Porridge with apple for breakfast after 6:00 wake up. Left at 8 and felt better today on short 3 hour uphill to Lho. Broke it up with a pleasant tea break in Sho.

Coming into Lho around 11 the views of Manaslu are spectacular. If you are wondering why the short day, we are getting to the higher elevations, 3,500+ meters and it is important to give your body time to adjust. Altitude sickness is prevalent at these heights.

Unfortunately there are trekkers now coming back down the Valley because the Pass is closed due to snow. Many trekkers have flights scheduled to return home so they can only wait so long. I have no flight so am unburdened with that pressure. Hence, I continue up to Larkya La Pass hoping for the best.

I picked the Majestic Hotel with warm sunny dining room. Krishna wasn’t happy with this as he had another place in mind. Had lunch of noodle soup. Nice warm dining area but it clouded up and started snowing lightly and it got cold.

Talked with Swedish father and son and Dutch father and son. Got cold mid afternoon as clouds came in and we got some drizzle and flurries. They did not light fire until 6:45PM.

After dinner Krishna and I talked. Most trekkers are here a first or second time and the guides are used to picking the hotels and the trekkers follow them. The guides often pick a place simply because they get free room and board or their guide friends stay there. I occasionally pick a place or veto Krishna’s choice and it has created some conflict. That said, I often go along with his wishes.

Even in Nepal

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