Naturopathic Treatments in Nepal

Returned to Community Nature Care Naturopathy Hospital in Rajahar, Nepal. The Hospital uses totally natural treatments for healing all kinds of ailments from a sore throat to thyroid and kidney problems as well as cancer.

I went more for proactive reasons to maintain good health and keep my body fit allowing me to walk long distances.

Hanging with fellow patients on the Nature Cure Grounds

A typical day here:

  • 5:00 wake up
  • 5:30 Yoga
  • 6:30 free
  • 7:00 Wheatgrass or Bermuda grass juice
  • 7:10 Doctor Consultation
  • 7:30 Therapies
  • 10:00 Meal- Organic veggies and wheat roti
  • 10:30-2:00 Free
  • 2:00 Doctor Consultation
  • 2:15 Therapies
  • 4:00-5:00 Free
  • 5:00 Meal
  • 7:00 Doctor Consultation
Daily fresh wheatgrass juice

Therapies include various alternating hot and cold water treatments, including; sit baths, soaking feet and hands, localized and full body steams, localized and full body mud baths, body wraps of various parts depending on your illness, herbal inhaler, water drip on forehead and localized and full body massages. And my favorite; daily enemas 😂.

Neti Pot for cleaning and clearing air passageways

With Naturopathy, food is considered a significant part of the healing process and the organic vegetarian wholesome meals include; raw fruits, juice, veggies cooked in water, whole grain rice, porridges and chapatis. They even have their own cows for fresh milk. I chose to fast for 4 days.

All vegetarian organic foods

My results in a 10 day stay included; lost 8.5 kgs (18 lbs.), stopped taking high blood pressure medication on 2nd day and pressure was 110/70 upon departure 10 days later. Unfortunately these results were the same as early last year on a 15 day stay. My discipline in 2019 was lacking to maintain this weight and blood pressure. The goal now is to maintain.

Sunset over Hospital

The people I talked staying here almost all saw improvement in their conditions. One of the challenges is the treatments take time and perhaps weeks and months for certain diseases.

They have their own cows for milk

Total bill for private room, twenty 2 1/2 hour therapy sessions, yoga, 3 Doctor consultations daily, and food increased to about $13 per day.

Clean, cozy private rooms

Attending in the winter had drawbacks and benefits. On the negative side it was cold and there is no heat in the rooms. On the positive side there were few patients so no lines. I did love that there was a campfire maintained each day and often my doctor would be sitting with us enabling conversation about health and Naturopathy. Below I am sitting around the outdoor fire with my primary doctor and the director of the Hospital.

Sitting around the fire with my primary doctor and Hospital Director

One tidbit that I think will stick with me is the idea to think before I eat a burger or other junk food item. For a few moments of pleasure one’s insides will endure suffering as that food travels the 30 feet of intestines out the rear. 😊. Though I still will enjoy a burger tomorrow in Kathmandu. The key is finding a balance and eating less junk and more whole foods.

Full body mud bath

I was going to put in a “Naturopathy” Wikopedia link but had to laugh seeing it as propaganda. It says Naturopathy is not evidence based. And western medicine is after just 100 years or so. Naturopathy is over 5,000 years old.

Common sense suggests why not work with Nature to heal ourselves before taking drugs or surgery. This way seems a bit more objective:

Localized steam bath
Walked for sunrise to Narayani River. Looking at Royal Chitwan Reserve. Occasionally a rhino walks into town.

January 2020

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