Perhaps the Finest Meñu Del Dia on Camino Sanabres Or Any Camino:

On a cold day on the 31st day of the Camino Levante we arrived in Rionegro del Puente and made a beeline for Teo’s restaurant, Me Gusta Comer (I like to eat). Teo suggested we take a seat by the roaring stove fire and relax. Why not. Following his direction, after a 5 hour long walk in the cold, we basked in the warmth of the fire. He brought out our tea and cafe but of course vintage Teo, he included an attractive tapa to enjoy while nursing our hot drinks.

Local cheese covered in pesto sauce with a grape garnish

After we finished our snack, Teo produced a key to the Albergue so we walked across the street and showered and donned fresh clothes before hustling back to enjoy the rest of our dining experience. However, Mariska had not arrived so as we waited, Teo served us a small tapa; duck pate on a cracker with strawberry jam and olive oil. Of course he brought out some very good Toro Region House Wine.

Mariska arrived getting a big hug from Teo as it is her 5th or 6th time here. Soon we were savoring the second course; salmon pate garnished with grapes, blueberries, strawberry jam and pesto along with some crackers for spreading the delectable paste.

Next a hearty delicious bowl of Caldo Gallego or a Cream of Vegetable. Both were exquisite.

Caldo Gallego
Cream of Vegetable. Slightly edged out the Caldo Gallego imo

The Main or 4th course was a beef pot roast slow cooked in a wine sauce.

The meat was so tender no knife was necessary. Melt in your mouth delicious.

Teo kept replacing the wine carafe with more Toro as we enjoyed watching him prepare dishes. He hovers at a table outside the kitchen, facing the diners, putting on the final touches to his works of art as the diners watch thoroughly enjoying his show.

Teo putting final touches on the salmon pate
Horsing around with Teo

The fifth course, dessert was a delicious slice of cheesecake and a small sliver of Vienetta Ice Cream. Our desserts were adorned with birthday candles as all 3 of us Pisceans celebrated a birthday this week. 

Pear marinated in wine and herbs

As if this all was not enough, after dessert, Teo brought out 3 liquors and placed them on the table; an Anise, a limoncello, and a crema de liquor. I chose the Crema de Liquor which is a local standard and quite similar to Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Along with tea and cafe, the total price for the incredible meal was €15 per person. Likely the finest Meñu del dia  and value on this or any Camino. The food is off the charts delicious. The cost is incredibly low for what Teo provides. Teo’s showmanship and hospitality enhance the overall experience. Truly a dining event worth walking a long way for.

Mika, Teo, me, Mariska.

A few more dishes from Teo:

Another cheese and grape tapa
Creamed Vegetables
Vegetable Risotto
Roast Pork ala Teo

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2 thoughts on “Perhaps the Finest Meñu Del Dia on Camino Sanabres Or Any Camino:”

  1. as a fellow piscean, I am drooling at these food photos and descriptions. ‘that’ caldo gallego is calling me. Yum

    Btw did you fall off your seats and sleep right there ? Or did you find a bed locally ?

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.