Quilotoa Loop Trek-Day 4 Quiotoa Crater Walk

Departed for the crater walk at 8:30. This was a fairly tough walk as there were almost no flat spots on the circular trail following the ridge around the Lake.
Even some scrambling in parts. Fortunately the hardest part was early walking counter clockwise as we ascended up to the peak of the crater at 3,930 meters / 12,893 feet.
Passed a Belgian girl with full pack going to stay in Santa Rosita. Glad we were just doing the walk as a day trip. The backside was really quiet and spectacularly beautiful. Love ridge trails as you walk in the clouds and the view to the right is also grand.
Came to grass roof tiny tea shop. Luis with Chicago Bulls hat was friendly but a bit shifty though with no change.
Continued on to mirador from yesterday. Thankfully an easier final push having no packs.
Made it back to the pleasant Runa Wasi Hotel at 2:30 making it a 5 hour walk. I was spent after the last 2 days so we were content to be done with the wonderful Quilotoa Loop Trek. Sitting by the fire enjoying our hot chocolate contemplating whether to go back to Llu Llu Llama Inn or go on to Banos tomorrow.
Luis’ Tea Shop
Luis’ coca tea
The other side of the ridge offered panoramic views of the valley below and mountains.
Our kind host at Runa Wasi Quilotoa Hotel gave us some coca leaves to chew on departing for the crater walk. Commonly used here for extra energy and mitigation of altitude sickness.

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