It’s A Small World-Uganda to the Camino to Nepal

IT’S A SMALL WORLD. The Camino has a magical way of connecting like minded souls:

One of the nicest things about global traveling is chance meetings with the same people in two totally different places. Well this time it’s three chance meetings across 3 continents; Uganda, Spain, and Nepal:

With Soonja (Rainbow) and Mika in Pokhara, Nepal

In October, 2019, walking on the Camino de Santiago, I saw this Korean woman with 5 or 6 bright colored clothes walk by and without thinking yelled out “Hey Rainbow”. She laughed and continued on her way. Over the next few days I saw her often and each time said, “Hi Rainbow”. Then I started thinking about her and when you keep seeing the same person on The Camino it is important to talk to them as the Camino  connects people for a reason. Then it dawned on me that Rainbow may be a woman I met in Jinja, Uganda ( The Source of the Nile) where our paths crossed going in different directions. Not sure though I hoped to meet her again but didn’t see her for 2 days and then fortunately, she walked into a quiet bar/albergue where I was staying. So I asked and indeed she is the same woman and produced a picture of us from January, 2017. So we took another similar one.

Left side: Soonja (Rainbow) and I October 2019 on The Camino de Santiago. Right side: Soonja and I in Jinja, Uganda in January, 2017.

Then in December, 2019  Mika and I ran into “Rainbow” once again in Pokhara, Nepal.
3 meetings across 3 continents. Will not be surprised at the next meeting.😂

With Rainbow and Mika on The Camino

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