The Amazon Jungle; Preparing and cooking yucca bread

After a hearty breakfast we canoed 2 hours down river to Puente Bolivar to visit the village and experience a bit of jungle life.
Pulling into the village
First a yucca bread making experience. Everything was done by hand, including;
  1. We pulled some yucca from the garden.

  1. Removed the outer shell with our hands.
Not as easy as it looks. Took some strength

2. Grated the yucca.

Grating in an old large oblong bowl made from a tree

3. Gathered the grated yucca and strained it through a grater made with rope.

4. Placed the grated yucca on a flat pan over a wood fire and shaped it into a flat bread

5. Cooked the yucca until crispy and slightly brown.


The yucca alone was a bit bland, but delicious when adding some jam, or hot sauce, or eating with lunch of chicken and salads.

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