The Ugly American

THE UGLY AMERICAN: Day 28-It’s A Long Way from Tipperary to Santiago:

Yupha is the Thai owner of the Enchanted Kitchen in Mullinavat, Kilkenny with her Irish husband. i am staying upstairs in their B&B, so they let me have my afternoon tea in the comfortable waiting area of the restaurant 1 hour before it opens. So I ask for some milk which they bring in a pouring cup. A short time later I see a glass of milk and egg roll appetizer on the bar. I’m thinking how hospitable as I eat the egg roll, which was delicious by the way, and thoughtfully return the milk back to the kitchen staff as it was unneeded as I already had some. Twenty minutes later I see the glass of milk back on the bar and another order of appetizer. Being a frequent traveler to Thailand I should know that they often put out food for gods and ancestors. I was so embarrassed as once again I am the “Ugly American”. But we had a good laugh over it. Fortunately, The God in the photo is Mother Nature who has a great sense of humor. And the Thai and Irish people as well.
Pictured below is Yupha with Mother Nature and her offerings of milk and the second dish of spring rolls.

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