Via Francesco Day 1-4 Rome to Poggio San Lorenzo

Canterbury to Rome to Assisi Days 87-90:

Feeling at peace 4 days onto Via Francesco. The vibes are different on this pilgrimage versus the Via Francigena. Perhaps it is the beautiful fall weather or how quiet it has been.  Walking through Tuscany was beautiful but a bit crowded relatively. Somehow the gentle and kind ways of St. Francis seem to pervade in the people and the landscape. Beautiful.

Met my first fellow pilgrims, Michelle and Ronald from Holland coming the other direction. They started from home and are about 2400K into their journey.

With fellow pilgrims Michelle and Ronald

My last 3 accommodations have been excellent. In Monterotondo I was welcomed at Santa Maria Maddalena Parish Hostel by sweet Antoinette as friendly as can be who also prepared a delicious 4 course supper just for this sole pilgrim.

Monterotondo at dawn
Maria Maddalena Parish Hostel sweet Antoinette’s second course

Last night Christine of Ponticelli hosted me at her home where she has a beautiful small coach house I had to myself. She also prepared a delicious dinner that included her homemade white and rose wines.

Wonderful coach house stay with Christine of Ponticelli.

Today I am at a municipal Casa del Pelligrino in Poggio San Lorenzo where Francesco also gave me a St. Francis token to hang on my backpack.

A St. Francis token from Francesco

A kind woman with two small girls helped me out making a reservation for tomorrow night in Rieti.

Rome was spectacular of course but I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue to Assisi and enjoy the serene aura of Francis all along this most wonderful pilgrimage.

I must have seen and heard 25-30 Maremmano Sheep Dogs today. Almost everyone seems to have one or two. Being sheep dogs they bark alot though.
Sunrise after Monterotondo
Coming up the hill to Poggio San Lorenzo
Olive harvesting season
Beautiful and colorful fall
municipal Casa del Pelligrino in Poggio San Lorenzo is upstairs from a wonderful Pizzeria.
One delicious pizza from the Pizzeria below the Municipal Albergue Casa del Pelligrino in Poggio San Lorenzo
Beautiful time to walk in the Fall
Grateful for the pleasant Fall weather
Coming into Poggio San Lorenzo

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2 thoughts on “Via Francesco Day 1-4 Rome to Poggio San Lorenzo”

  1. Is there an app or book that can help me plan my Via Francesco pilgrimage. I’ve done Camino de Santiago from Porto – Santiago and from Sarria to Santiago. While I found a lot of apps and websites for the Camino de Santiago, I’m finding it hard to find an app that has everything. Thank you!

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.