Via Francesco Day 15 Assisi to Train for Rome

Canterbury to Rome to Assisi Day 101:

Looking back at Assisi.

It seems sometimes that Caminos have a spirit of their own and walking from my hotel the 4k to the train station I saw the familiar comforting blue and yellow markings of Via Francesco realizing he is not done with me nor I with my pilgrimage.

Arriving at the train station with a half hour to spare I continued on to Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli and inside is a small chapel, The Porziuncola, which was given to St. Francis in 1211 and here he started the Franciscan movement. Again it is eerily quiet except for a few Franciscan monks.

Porziuncola inside Santa Marta

Walking out I was ready to let go of my companion and friend; my walking stick. I found it or perhaps it found me one hour into the West Highland Way in Scotland which Mika and I did as a tune up before Via Francigena 3 months ago.

Leaving my walking stick at the door of the Basilica hoping it finds another pilgrim
Just after finding my walking stick shortly after leaving Milngavie on the West Highland Way in Scotland
Inside the Porziuncola
Looking back at Assisi
Looking back to Assisi, on the Via Francesca tempted to continue to Florence
A Franciscan monk outside Basilica Santa Marta
Side view of The Porziuncola

On the train heading back to Rome, as always a bittersweet ending to a pilgrimage. Via Francesco touched me in a powerful way. The beautiful gentle spirit of Francis pervaded this pilgrimage all along the Way. Someday I will return and walk from Florence to Assisi. Though now Covid has raised its ugly head and walking is no longer possible. Why not head to the island of Mallorca, I heard there was a new Camino de Santiago there.

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7 thoughts on “Via Francesco Day 15 Assisi to Train for Rome”

  1. I am still in the planning stages for my walk in May/June. After completing the Via Francigena from Lucca to Rome I am then going to go between Rome and Assisi. I looked at Rome2Rio to try to decide if I should go from Rome to Assisi by bus or train and then walk back to Rome, or walk to Assisi and then travel back to Rome. Rome2Rio does not show a train station in Assisi and it looks quite cumbersome to take a bus and then a train las they suggest. However, it looks like you were able to take a train. How easy is it to get back to Rome from Assisi?

    1. Well either direction works. Though I strongly recommend walking on to Assisi to keep the flow of your pilgrimage. For me, finishing in Assisi was more special than Rome. And yes. There is a direct train from Assisi to Rome. Though the train station is a pleasant 4k walk from hilltop Assisi. Roght by the train station is the very special Portiuncula inside Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli. Where Francis started the Franciscan Order.

        1. I decided to do this on the spur of the moment so had no guidebook. I just used a overlay i got from a Dutch woman I met at St. Peters Square. Then I just asked people for help with reservations for the next day. Also used the FB Via Francesco Group.

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.