Via Francesco Days 5-6; Poggio San Lorenzo to Rieti to Poggio San Bustone

Canterbury to Rome to Assisi Days 91-92.

Poggio San Lorenzo to Rieti to Poggio San Bustone:

Beautiful fall scenery and perfect walking weather going through some gorgeous forests. Had a fun chat with 5 Austrians including one that works for the Catholic Church.  They are on their way to Rome to tell Pope Francis he should allow women priests. Good luck with that although I suspect he would probably agree. As I very strongly do. I imagine Jesus being very supportive as he was tolerant of all unlike the Church.

With the Austrians

Got early into Rieti and B&B La Terrazza Fiorita. The host Rita is very kind. A very nice stop.

Left at Rieti at 7:30  with pleasant hillside walking. Near La Foresta a Francesco site  with Stations of the Cross ran into an Italian taking photos in beautiful light.

I somehow got lost after La Foresta. Back on track walked through the town of Cantalice on hillside where Saint Felix is from who started Cappucine Order. During the rest of the walk I kept thinking of Father Michael the Polish Cappucine Monk who walked overnight 90K from Santiago to Finisterre back in 2016 at the end of his Camino de Santiago. Arriving at dawn he said Mass at the tip of Finisterre for his 4 companions from Poland.

( Cappucine Monk Michael saying Mass at dawn near the lighthouse at the tip of Finisterre on Camino de Santiago in Spain )

Tough final ascent up to Poggio San Bustone but it was suggested by my host Feliciano to hike up to the Francesco Sanctuary and higher still to where he had his “Revelations” that God forgave all his sins and that people would come to Assisi from all over Europe to learn the Franciscan Way.

(Where Francis had his Revelations to start his Order to follow Jesus)

At both of these spots I was alone. Feeling the love of Francesco!

(Francesco Sanctuary)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Walking back down into the village I was thinking of this past February when Mika and I were in Bodhgaya, India where Buddha had his “enlightenment”. I suppose their experience was similar if not the same.

Coming back to Feliciano’s place. After cleaning up I went to dinner and am the only one. Covid restrictions are tightening up so locals can only pick up their food, not eat in. But since I am staying at his place I can and am the only eat in diner. Eerie but I am enjoying the quiet and friendly chat with Feliciano.

(Leaving Rieti)
(Francesco’s forest sanctuary)
(Stations of the Cross in Francesco’s forest sanctuary)
(view from Poggio San Bustone)
(First Course of nice two course dinner by Feliciano’s Mom)
(Poggio San Bustone sunset)
(On the way to Poggio San Bustone)
(Franceso’s Sanctuary)
(Approaching Poggio San Bustone)
(San Bustone Francesco Sanctuary)
(Francesco’s Sanctuary)
 (Francesco’s Sanctuary)
(Francesco’s Sanctuary)
(Poggio San Bustone)
(Beautiful weather and walking in the Fall in Umbria)

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4 thoughts on “Via Francesco Days 5-6; Poggio San Lorenzo to Rieti to Poggio San Bustone”

  1. I am really enjoying reading about your journey. I walked from Aosta to Lucca this past fall with a friend. We are planning on continuing from Lucca to Rome in May. She has to go home when we get to Rome, but I want to walk a bit more so I am thinking of walking on to Assisi alone.
    I have two questions. How is the waymarking? It seems that most go towards Rome, not away. Did you book lodging in advance?

    1. You are correct, the marking is a bit off with more pointing to Rome. Still it was ok. I used and a gps overlay for I got from a Dutch woman. I usually booked lodging the night before asking local people where to stay. I have a couple recommendations for you but you should be able to figure those out reading my blog posts on Via Francigena that will be coming out over next 2 weeks. Then let’s talk.

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.