Via Francesco-Rome to Assisi. A Last Minute Decision

A Pilgrimage from November, 2019. I will be posting that journey over the next two weeks.


After walking the Via Francigena Canterbury, England to Rome Pilgrimage over 86 days you would think it was time to take a break. However, my partner, Mika just departed for her home in Japan I am alone. While I am feeling an urge to keep going.

Offering gratitude for the 2000K Via Francigena Pilgrimage

The natural thing to do would be to continue south on Via Francigena to the southern shores of Italy on the way to Jerusalem.

St. Peter holding the key to Rome

So this morning I strolled to St. Peter’s to light some candles for friends and family and was wondering how to get some information on the southern route from Rome to Apulia which I planned to start tomorrow, 30 October.

Alway nice to see a Camino Shell. (In St. Peter’s Church)

In St. Peter’s a guard explained there are no candles for security reasons. Walking out of St. Peter’s I was thinking of finding another church nearby and thought Assisi. I’m not a big fan of St. Peter’s as it seems to be more of a monument to the Papacy then a place of prayer and reflection. Walking on to Assisi on the Via Francesco feels perfect.

A few weeks earlier I met some pilgrims on Via Francigena who were going to veer to Assisi after Lucca. Mika and I thought of walking to Assisi as well but we lacked time as Mika needed to get to Rome before her Schengen Visa expired. Walking out of St. Peter’s, reflecting, an awareness came to me that Assisi and the tomb of St. Francis, that most gentle soul and lover of nature and all of God’s creation, is where I am supposed to go.

While reflecting on Francis and Assisi, I drifted over to the fountain in the center of St. Peter’s Square, where I “coincidentally” bumped into Noëlle Dav from Holland who just completed a 3,000K Pilgrimage from Amsterdam to Rome via Assisi. One more example of the Camino and another pilgrim providing exactly what you need as she texted me a GPS routing for Via Francesco.

With Nöelle of Holland

It is a wonderful feeling knowing with certainty that the Pilgrimage you are on is exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

A blessing from Father Francis

From November, 2019

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  1. Hi Kevin, I’ve finally ‘connected’ to your blog. Hope it’s all going well? Happy strolling! 😇👣☘

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.