Via Francesco Spello to Assisi Day 13

Canterbury to Rome to Assisi Day 99:

Sunrise heading up the mountain from Spello

Spello to Assisi:

Left Spello early and kind Leonardo, my older host at cozy B&B Fratello Sole told me there is an easy way to the left and a hard way to the right up the mountain.

Sunrise from higher up

I immediately thought, “I’m tired and after coming such a long way. I’ve earned the right to take the easy way. My pilgrim path has traversed The West Highland Way in Scotland, the Via Francigena, and Via Francesco walking 2,400 kilometers in just under 4 months.

So outside of town at the fork I turned right and took the mountain trail.

The trail was not marked well and I went off course three times making for an even harder walk with over 1,000 meters of ascents.

But the sunrise and then the spectacular view of Assisi from Monte Civitella made it more than worthwhile.

Assisi from Mount Civitella

In fact it was perfect. Any and every pilgrimage I have undertaken has been special. However, the longer and more challenging they are the more special they become. And I happen to love Francis, identifying with him since first hearing his story 55 years or so ago as a small boy at Catholic Grade School.

In a state of jubilation, I trudged through the beautiful and eerily empty medieval lanes of Assisi. The fact that I was tired and sore only enhanced the joy and utter contentment of arriving at the end of this Pilgrimage.

Expecting a few more people at the Basilica of St. Francis, it was humbling to have it almost to myself. Today is the 99th day of walking since leaving Canterbury, England. Perhaps I will wait until tomorrow to enter the Basilica, visiting St. Francis and getting my final stamp.

The Basilica of St. Francis
Nearing the old town of Assisi
Streets of Assisi
Must be a popular statue of Francis. His returning home downtrodden after experiencing War
Just coming into Old Assisi

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