VIA FRANCIGENA-Canterbury to Rome Day 58

Day 58
Fornovo di Taro to Berceto:
Can Tuscany be any more beautiful than this?

Tomorrow we enter Tuscany but this stretch today was grand.

It helped that we had perfect weather; blue skies and under 20.
The nicest terrain and scenery since Aoste Valley.
We left Lisa’s place at 6:50 and enjoyed a beautiful early walk up and up in hills.

Had a nice stop in Terenzo and sat with old Pietro and shared some laughs.

Then a long haul up the mountain to Cassio where we had delicious Parma pizza and local dish Tutta Frite( fried bread).


You wrap the hot fried bread around the Parma Ham and cheese and it melts in your mouth. Delicious
Turned into a tough 31K to Berceto and B&B Gioli.
Gioli walls
The Italians continue to offer cozy rest stops
Church in Gioli
Some dlicious berries fueled our walk up the mountain

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