Zamora; good place to take a rest day.

Such a beautiful old town. Decided to take a rest day and come back and explore some more. Especially do a tour of the Cathedral. And then celebrate our completion of 800 kilometer Camino Levante with great local wine and Foie Gras. Though it is still 450 to Santiago via Camino Via de la Plata and Camino Sanabres.
Zamora Cathedral
Entrance to Cathedral
Walking into the Cathedral the first thing you see is St Christopher which supposedly guarantees you won’t die today. I got that going for me.
Santiago (St. James) has his own chapel this being a crossroads of the Levante and Via de la Plata Caminos. I like seeing him as a pilgrim much more than as the Slayer of Moors.
Main Altar
above the altar, Christ rising into heaven

Exit to the Cloister

One of several magnificent Tapestries
Love this picture in the Cathedral Museum

The museum
Back out in the main plaza, The Church of St. John The Baptist. The hooded guys are celebrating Holy Week.
We stumbled on the Romanesque Church of Santiago
Church of Santiago
Unusual to see Santiago depicted as both the Slayer of Moors and as a Pilgrim. I much prefer seeing him as a pilgrim.

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